Career Strategies: Building Staffing Partnerships

Founded in 1989, our passionate, proven and driven recruiting team thrives on building long term staffing partnerships with our clients and candidates. We strive to listen to the needs of candidates and clients to achieve the ideal match.

Expert Recruiters: Outstanding Service

Our recruiters are experienced, knowledgeable professionals. Many of our recruiters have been with CSI for 5, 10 and 20 years! Their in-depth expertise enables them to quickly target qualified candidates, which simplifies your hiring process.  Understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations is our way to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Dynamic Talent: Successful Candidates

A mix of tenured and up-and-coming recruiters gives our clients access to existing relationships with dynamic talent nationwide. This gives our recruiters connections to people whose careers they’ve been able to follow… and even assist! Their experience offers partnership opportunities to uncover the right talent for your staffing needs!

Nationwide: Search Solutions

With offices throughout the United States, we are able to conduct nationwide searches for both Temporary Services and Direct Hire positions to uncover the ideal candidate for every client.

Our expertise in recruiting gives candidates and clients the staffing partnership they need to keep up with today’s ever-changing business environment. Our approach delivers stronger talent and innovative management strategies along with the solutions and resources that help your company grow!

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